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5 free programs educators shouldn’t miss

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1. Popcorn Maker allows users to infuse Web content, video and pop-ups into an image, creating dynamic, interactive images. Check out this example.

2. GoAnimate helps teachers create tutorials by writing scripts for animated characters. Thisexample offers a lesson in counting.

3. Screenleap gives educators the ability to share a code with students so they can access a presentation on a teacher’s computer even if they are using a variety of devices in the classroom or at home.

4. Remind101 provides a means of communication with parents and students using text messages. After you register and create a class list, you’ll be able to send reminders to students from a program-generated number, and students and parents cannot text back.

5. InfuseLearning brings students into an interactive learning environment in which teachers can create quizzes to gauge students’ understanding in real time. Students can even respond to teacher prompts by drawing pictures. InfuseLearning also has a built-in language translator.

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