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Ten commandments of school tech support | Generation YES Blog

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Thou shalt test the fix.
Thou shalt talk to actual students and teachers and make time to watch how technology works during actual class time, not just when it’s quiet.
Thou shalt not make fun of the tech skills of teachers or students, nor allow anyone else in the tech department to make disparaging remarks about them.
Closing trouble tickets shalt not be thine highest calling; thou shalt strive to continually make the learning environment better.
Thou shalt not elevate the system above the users.
The network will be never be perfect. Learning is messy. Get thyself over it.
When teaching someone a new skill, keep thy hands off the mouse.
Thou shalt listen to requests with an open mind and respond in plain English.
Blocking shall be controlled by educators, not filtering companies. Thy job is to enable learning, not enforce behavior.
Thou shalt include students and teachers in decision-making about technology purchases and policy. Their interest is not an affront to your professionalism.

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