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My Dream Class???

I am about to embark on an adventure that excites me as much as it frightens me. I “fell into” an opportunity to develop a class for what my school calls “credit recovery”. I don’t think anyone really knows what this means, other than only seniors in danger of not earning enough credit for graduation are admitted. It doesn’t give them any additional credit, thus the credit recovery piece is a mystery to me!

So I am basically given carte blanche to develop a technology course that is engaging and will provide students with useful skills. As you can tell from my blog title, I am an educational technology nerd. My other teaching passion is creating a classroom culture that promotes humanity and empathy. I feel that acknowledging students as people is the first step to classroom success.

So, in conjunction with our school technology specialist, I have developed a technology course with NO content. If there is not content, what will my students learn? How will they learn?

I have 2 major learning objectives. First,I want to promote use of Web 2.0 tools. Even more importantly, I want to teach thinking skills and metacognition. By their very nature, many Web 2.0 tools promote critical thinking. What will be included in a curation project? How accurately does an infographic portray information? What events are significant enough to include in my timeline? Should this information be portrayed in pictures or words?

But what about content? I want my students to choose their own content! What do they care about? What ignites their passions? I anticipate they will choose subjects such as music, videogaming, cooking and cars. I plan to fuel their skills using their natural curiosity about subjects they care about. They will learn Web 2.0 doing this! If a student wants to blog about the most influential new music artist, critical thinking is promoted. If a student creates an infographic, analytic skills are promoted. Almost any project they encounter will promote reading and writing skills.

So this is my plan. As I develop this course, I keep in mind that I want to design lessons that will be useful regardless of content. I am hoping to create a scaffolding that can then have any content imported into it and still serve as a valuable lesson. I will share these lesson plans with my colleagues who will put their own course content into this Web 2.0 template. Wish me luck!

photo credit: “lapolab” via photopin cc


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